Volusia County Jail Inmate Farm

Tower Gardens were the answer to many issues at the Volusia County Jail. It gave inmates the ability to learn a new skill for life after jail, provide healthy food and relieve stress.  Lieutenant Kastner explains why they opted for Tower Garden.

  1. Why Tower Garden?
    As a Division we decided to go with the Tower Gardens as it was one of many ways to inspire our inmate population to grow their own food and live a healthier lifestyle. One of the main reasons for selecting the Tower Garden was the rapid growth. Our inmates who are generally not in custody for a long time, can see a full growth cycle while they are here. The Tower garden Systems are easy to install and maintain. All of the guess work is removed so the novice can be a very successful farmer.
  1. What are the Tower Gardens used for?
    The inmates while in custody. We have seen them get excited and educated on how food is grown. The garden has been a major source for relieving stress in our garden workers, which is currently our female population.
  1. How many Tower Gardens do you have and what do you grow in them?
    We currently have 50 Tower Gardens in production of lettuce. In the past we have grown a large variety of vegetables and herbs. All have been very successful.
Volusia County Jail Tower Farm

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