Are you using all the available Tower Garden Resources?The company that brought us the Tower Garden wants to make sure that we are not alone when growing our Tower Garden(s).  They have created some awesome resources for us all to use to help us on our journey of growing sustainable, nutrient dense food wherever you happen to be located in the US!  Don’t forget, if you are one of our customers (Dee, Jason or Jan from Living Towers) you can also bombard us with your questions (email is great as you can share pictures, but you can also give us a call) and we will help you get the most from your Tower Garden.  Not only that but you have an open invitation to any of our Tower Garden Workshops, held once a month at Living Towers, and we waive the fee just for you*! Keep an eye out for details of our next workshop.

Below you will find the first of those resources, Getting Started Videos!

Dee and Jason’s personal Tower Gardens

 *Tower Garden must be purchased through Living Towers, otherwise a fee of $25 per person or $40 per couple applies.  Fee subject to change at any time.

Getting Started Videos
So you haven’t managed to assemble your Tower Garden yet.  Don’t worry!  There are videos to show you How to Assemble Your Tower Garden, How to Fill the Reservoir in Your Tower Garden, and How to Start the Seedlings for your Tower Garden

How to Assemble Your Tower Garden
How to Fill the Reservoir in your Tower Garden
How to Start the Seedlings for your Tower Garden
Keep an eye out for upcoming posts sharing other Tower Garden Resources.  If you have any questions be sure to contact your Tower Garden rep or Tower Garden Customer Care on 866-235-0414 or us if you purchased it through us.

Click here for the second set of resources, Growing Guides and videos for 11 different crops.

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