It seems like there is an app for EVERYTHING nowadays. One of the biggest problems people face when they first start out is identifying plants.  Come on, we’ve all done it.  You start your seedlings, mark them (if you remember) and then the tags grow legs and do a runner.  Identifying pests or diseases can also be another common problem.  Well worry no more!  Garden Compass to the rescue!  Best of all, it’s FREE!

Garden Compass
If you have a plant, pest or disease you need identified…look no further. The Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier app allows you to take a photo and submit it to our team of expert horticultural garden advisors who will identify it for you, as well as provide you with specific product recommendations to resolve any problems you may have. As your photo passes up the queue you will be kept informed as to its progress.Unfortunately it is only available on iPhone right now.

Are there any mobile apps you use in the garden?

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