Take Healthy Back

Eating healthy can be hard.  Can I eat this?  Is too much of this a problem?  Does fruit have too much sugar? Isn’t eating healthy expensive? There is so much information, and misinformation, to sieve through.  What should I be doing?

Jan Young is not only the owner of Living Towers.  She’s also a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Body Ecologist who’s passion is helping others.  Over the years Dr Jan has taught all kinds of educational events to help you improve your health.  From gardening classes, to juicing programs and healthy cooking classes.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a child, teen, adult, senior, or a pregnant or nursing mom. These are changes EVERYONE can make. We invite you to come out to this FREE event to learn about some simple steps to improve your health and “Take Healthy Back“.

Thursday November 16th, 7pm

Living Towers
19621 Lake Lincoln Lane, Eustis, FL

Take Healthy Back

4 Thoughts on “Take Healthy Back!”

  • Heidi and I would love to attend, but I just rec. e-mail at 8:15 this morning and can’t possibly make this evening. Are you going to have other classes or a series of healthy living classes?

    • Hi Linda

      I’m sorry. We had a little hiccup with our email program and it didn’t send the email earlier int eh week as it should have. Technology huh? We do post our events on our Calendar and our blog well in advance. We will be sure to get the email out much sooner next time!

  • Hi,For those of us that live many hours away and can not make it to your talks,do you ever video them or is there any way we can share in learning?? I feel like we are losing out.Thanks.

    • Hi Nancy

      It is something we have looked into for many years. About a year ago we did a four part online workshop series but there was very low attendance. We can certainly look into it again though!

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