My first Tower Garden

You may have seen or heard about the “Tower Garden“.  Wondering what it is all about? If it is worth the investment? Does it really work? Is it really the easiest garden on earth?  Do I need a Tower Garden? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Well, give me your focus for a few minutes and you’ll get the lowdown!  But in one word YES YOU DO. Ok, that was three but you get my point.

Me (Dee) taking hubby Jason on a Tandem Skydive.

Let me give you a little background info on my husband and I.  We were both (well we still are) skydiving instructors.  Yes that is little old 5’8″ me taking my 6’4″ hubby on a tandem skydive.  One of the ten I did when I was completing the course to become a Tandem Instructor!

We knew how to skydive, party like a rockstar, but not grow a garden! We had tried, a couple of times, to grow a garden in Florida and like many others before us, we failed!  After spending lots of money on soil, ground cover, timber and plants, we thought (well at least I did) that I would soon be canning tomatoes and making and freezing sauces and more. WRONG! In a couple of weeks the weeds were the only thing we had managed to grow and our small garden had turned into a jungle and somewhere in there, if you looked hard enough, you may just find a few tomato and pepper plants.  At that point I suggested taking the weed whacker to it.  There could have been spiders, snakes, or other critters in there that I really didn’t want creeping up on me while I was digging through the dirt,  trying to pull out the weeds!

Enter the Tower Garden! My husband’s mum (yes I am English in case you were wondering) introduced us to it and boy, was she excited about it!  We finally got our hands on one (before Juice Plus began manufacturing them, hence the black reservoir) and wouldn’t you know it, we actually managed to grow vegetables!  Real vegetables!  This wasn’t TV magic and yes that is a Topsy Turvy in the background.  Don’t waste your time or money with one of those!

So what is this Tower Garden?
The Tower Garden is a state of the art, vertical aeroponic growing system. It allows you to grow 20 plants in a 2 1/2  foot area. It’s the easiest garden you’ll ever grow! It really is and we are living proof of that, as long as you don’t over complicate things. It’s so easy, a caveman skydiver could do it!

How does it work?
A small pump, just like you’d find in your aquarium,  sends the mineral rich water all the way to the top. Gravity takes over,and every time the pump is running (every 15 minutes for 15 minutes) your plants are fed and watered and are as happy as pig in poop (apparently they love that)!  The video below gives you a great animated explanation.

So why do I need a Tower Garden?
I say need as the Tower Garden really is the answer to so many problems we face today. From soil that has been depleted of nutrients, to produce that has traveled across the country,  not forgetting rising fuel  and in return rising food costs!  I watched Genetic Roulette a few nights ago and I was horrified.  I knew about many of the problems we faced today but not to the extent that they make clear in the movie. We are in big big trouble if we don’t start to turn this around.

Maybe you’re still thinking “Ok, that’s great but why do I need one?”  Keep reading and you’ll see!

The Tower Garden is SAFE
We have all heard of the dangers of BPAs and other chemicals found in plastic and styrofoam. If you haven’t, where is the rock you have you been hiding under? Maybe I can borrow it sometime? I’m just kidding! OK, back to serious business. The Tower Garden was the first system in the USA made from a USDA approved Food Grade plastic, but what on earth does that mean to you?  It means you do not need to worry about the leaching of chemicals, like you do with styrofoam or PVC systems.  You can grow “Clean and Green” in a Tower Garden.  ( I recommend watching the movie Blue Vinyl which highlights the dangers of PVC).

…to be continued next week.

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