If you didn’t know already, I’m from England.  Our weather generally consists of clouds, rain and more of the above.  On rare occasions you’ll see that bright yellow glowing ball that radiates heat, shining brightly in the sky. Maybe it’s because of this that I LOVE the summer weather in Florida.  Lots of sun, lots of heat and wicked storms almost ever afternoon that you can set your watch by.  The only thing I don’t look forward to is the increased risk of hurricanes.  Providing your house and car make it through the storm, what do you do in the event of a power failure to power your Tower Garden?  Thankfully we have a back up if your generator is already at full capacity!

Stanley PPRH5 450-Amp Professional Power Station with Built-In Air Compressor

The Stanley Power Station will get you out of trouble when nature lets you know who is in charge.  With jumper cables and an air compressor this unit will provide multiple uses.  As a battery back up for your Tower Garden we expect it to last approximately 2 days per tower.  It will set you back a little over $100 with free shipping on Amazon.com.

Battery and Inverter

Whether you are at a show or are experiencing a power outage, with a deep cycle battery and an inverter you will be able to run your tower for a couple of days.  Add a solar panel to the equation and, providing you have some sunny days, you should be able charge the battery as you go.

Manual Watering

There are a couple of things you can do manually.

  1. If you are at home you could manually pour water into the shower cap frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, this will not work for everyone.
  2. Take out the plants and put them in a tote full of water/nutrient water. They will be fine like this for a couple of days.

5 Thoughts on “Are you prepared for a power failure?”

  • Don’t count on taking them out and putting in a pool/tub with nutrient. Sounds good, doesn’t work in practice. Too many big plans, roots all intertwined, not to mention all the big plants that are tied and trained to the tomato cage and other supports. Lost all my tomatoes and probably the peppers in a 33 hour power outage the other day. Very sad to see what was a big, gorgeous, overflowing tower on Monday reduced to wilting/dying tomatoes and other wilted plans on Thursday.
    Get a generator or solar power. Seemed unnecessary as we haven’t lost power for more than an hour in over 10 years. I lost my whole summer’s crop in one day. Won’t happen again.

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. In a pinch you can take each layer off and put the whole layer in its own tote. This way you do not disturb the roots too much

  • WOW! Thank you so much for this article. I live in ‘fire country’ and we just had major threat of our main power lines (to the entire city) being destroyed by fire. Thankfully no harm was done. :)

    I stressed for 4 days however, wondering what I saws going to do to keep my 4 towers safe from a possible power outage.

    Do you think I could get away with only 1 of the Stanley Power Stations for all 4 towers? Obviously I know that it depends on how long I want to power the towers for but let’s just say for arguments sake, 24 hours. Or would I be better off with a deep cycle battery and inverter, if so, how many of each for all 4 towers?

    Thanks so much!!

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