Why are my plants wilting?

There’s nothing worse than walking outside, looking at your beloved tower to see one or more plants are wilting. Well, apart from seeing your dog run across the yard with one of your kale plants in her mouth! That’s pretty bad too.  Either way, panic sets in and everything else you were planning to do goes out of the window.

Our plants may wilt for one or more of many reasons.  Figuring out what is causing yours to wilt can be tricky, unless you follow the handy dandy flow chart I created. Click on the image below to open it full screen!

Start at the top and work your way through the chart performing the checks along the way.

Why are my plants wilting?

The flow chart and process of elimination applies when most of your plants are wilting.  If just a few of your plants are wilting they may be diseased or simply not very heat tolerant.

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