When the Tower Garden was developed by Tim Blank some 11 or so years ago, it was the first of it’s kind.  The first plug and play, closed, vertical aeroponic system made from USDA approved food-grade plastic.

Since then, there have been many modifications and improvements to ensure the Tower Garden remains in a class of it’s own.  From the stainless rods, to provide additional support, to the weatherproof timer to control watering duration and frequency.  Did you know that when the Tower was first developed it had neither of these?  No rods or a timer! Then of course we had the T5 grow lights, so even those with limited sun or extreme summers or winters could grow year round.  The Tower Garden Company improved on these with the LED grow lights early this year. And have you seen the new dolly?

What are Micro Greens?

Not to be confused with sprouts, micro greens are the second quickest crop we can grow!  Think of sprouts as the babies of the plant world.  Micro Greens are the very next step.  The toddlers, except they’re not going to draw all over the walls or throw a tantrum in the store.

Micro greens can be harvested when the seedling has started to develop roots and their first true leaves have formed. This is usually at around 1-3 inches and less than two weeks after seed germination.

Whilst they do have similar health benefits to sprouts, their nutritional value is greater! Researchers found micro greens like red cabbage, cilantro and radishes contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts.

Micro greens are typically seen in fine dining restaurants, used as a delicately placed garnish or to add a pop of color, but that’s not all. The flavor is also a lot more intense so a little goes a long way.

Until recently, they were really only available to chefs, but now we are starting to see them in upscale grocery stores and farmers markets, but that’s about to change with the launch of the Micro Green Extension Kit.

You’ll notice a few things when you look at the Micro Green Extension kit.   First, there are 32 growing spaces, compared to 8 in a regular extension. You’ll also notice that the growing spaces are square and there’s no need for net pots!

There are four growing sections, compared to two in a regular Extension Kit and it also comes with a modified shower cap and stainless steel support rods.

Learn what Tim has to say about the Micro Green Extension Kit.

What Micro Greens will you grow?

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