Maryhaven Center of Hope

Enriching Lives of Those with Special Needs

Maryhaven Center of Hope has multiple locations throughout Long Island, NY. The mission of Maryhaven Center of Hope is simple.  To improve, enrich and respect the lives of people with special needs.  They promote each person’s highest potential by encouraging all aspects of growth. The addition of Tower Gardens at their Yaphank facility has given them another way to do this

  1. Why Tower Garden®?
    We chose tower garden because of the space saving towers, and the customer service that comes with it.
  1. What will they be used for?
    The towers are being used to train individuals with developmental disabilities, and better prepare them for jobs in the community.
  1. How many Tower Gardens did you start with and what was your plan for these?  How many do you have now?
    We started with 2. We wanted to test how effective of a training program this would be, and if we could make a profit in the community with the proceeds from our sales. We expanded over time and as of January 2019 we have 39.
  1. What has been the reaction from the students, teachers and parents?
    The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and shocked from our guys here and from the community at our farmers markets.
Maryhaven Center of Hope's indoor towers
Maryhaven Center of Hope's indoor towers
  1. How many Tower Gardens would you like to have over time and will they be used for anything other than explained above?
    We do not have a set amount that we are looking to have. Our plan is to expand as our business expands. Our uses are constantly changing, from selling our produce at farmers markets, to selling on a whole sale level.
  1. How were you able to raise the funds?
    The funds were obtained through budgeting in our program.

If you are involved with an adult or child special needs facility and would like to implement a similar program, please contact us below.

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