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? Let there be LED Light! ?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a climate where you can grow year round. Sun is to vegetable gardening like peanut butter is to your jelly.  You can’t have the latter without the former. If you live any further north than Georgia, your growing season is a few months short.  If you live north of Virginia, your outdoor growing season is about six months.  If you’re in Canada, you’re crazy. ? I’m kidding of course, but your outdoor growing season is very short, almost non existent.

For a few years now, we’ve had a grow light kit available.  It was great!  It allowed growers in Northern climates, or those with limited outdoor space to grow greens, herbs and lettuces all winter long.  Florescent T5 lights have many advantages over sodium and metal halide lights.  The main ones being they do not use as much electricity and they do not get quite as hot. However, they do require a support cage.

There were many parts though and they took a little time and a fair bit of patience to put together. And those who used them in schools were a little worried about hands of curious kids touching the bulbs.

Tower Garden Grow Light Progression

But times change.  Technology changes and things improve. The Juice Plus company has always been a forward thinking company.  In 1970 they were the first company to come out with a device we all have in our homes today, or at least you should, the smoke alarm. Then they moved on to water and air filtration.

Juice Plus Omega Blend

In 1993 they took the health benefits of juicing, put them in a capsule and made what is now the most thoroughly researched Nutritional Supplement in the world. This year they released another first of it’s kind.  A whole food based, 100% vegan Omega Blend.

Nowadays, everyone is moving to energy efficient LED lighting, not only around the home, but for grow lights too!  But the Tower is unique.  It’s vertical and the LED Grow Lights on the market were not really suitable.  They don’t hit the Tower all the way around. We needed something designed especially for the Tower Garden.  Something that improved on the T5 lights. A kit that had fewer parts.  Something that was much easier to put together. Being adjustable would be a bonus too!

The folks at Tower Garden were up for the challenge and got to work finding a solution that would improve on the minor drawbacks we had with the T5 lights. They did an amazing job!  Do you want to see them?

LED grow light

There are six parts.  Yep SIX PARTS to these Indoor LED grow lights.  4 LED lights ,the main unit with built in timer and the conduit for the cable.  Putting them together is a breeze!  After a few clicks and a minute or so configuring the timer you are ready to grow!

As with the T5 lights, the Indoor LED Grow Lights are designed to grow leafy greens, lettuces, herbs and other non fruiting crops as they are not full spectrum lights.  That means no tomatoes, squash, strawberries etc. They are also, as the name suggest, designed for INDOOR USE ONLY. Using them on a covered patio, lanai or porch may expose them to moisture and cause them to malfunction and this wouldn’t be covered on the warranty.  Remember, INDOOR USE ONLY.

And there you have it! There are less pieces, they are easier to put together, they are not hot to the touch, they are fully adjustable and get this.  The total cost is less than a Support Cage and T5 Grow Light Kit also!

The LED Grow Light Kit is just $250 and $20 shipping.  When you see the size of the box you’ll realize that $20 is a steal! That’s a savings of $48 over the other light kit.

What do you think?  Let us know below!

7 Thoughts on “Let there be LED Light! ?”

    • There are some T5 lights still available through Tower Garden. The cage will not be discounted as that can be used alone to support large crops that need support. I am not sure if the T5 lights will be discounted, but I will definitely let you know if they are.

  • I bought the light kit this last spring for indoor living home shows. Now the lights are new and improved. What can I do with the $290+ lights? Is there a trade-in program of some sort? I really would prefer the new easy to assemble & adjust lights over the complicated installation of & inability to adjust the old lights. Thoughts?

  • Is there a “red” bulb option available anywhere online? I know Juice Plus does not offer it but I know you could buy a generic T5 “red” bulb and have better luck with flowering plants….is there an LED version anywhere? Or any version that would fit into these new light kits!?

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