Hurricane Irma Shipping Information
Hurricane Irma Shipping Information

With Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it brought to Texas fresh in our minds, those of us in Florida are preparing for the latest monster, Hurricane Irma.  As you will have seen in the news, Hurricane Irma is plowing through the Caribbean and heading straight to Florida.  We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Will my order ship on Monday?

No, there will be no orders will be shipping Monday September 11th.  We’ll be waiting out the storm and hoping it passes us by leaving minimal damage behind.

When will my order ship?

Well that is all in Irma’s hands right now. Providing we have minimal damage and power, we will begin shipping Wednesday September 13th.

We will update you all as soon as we can.  Check for updates on Facebook, our blog and via email.

Bring in your Tower

And don’t forget to bring in your Tower.  You do not want to leave your neighbors any missiles and you may as well eat the food you’re growing too!

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