There are a few common questions we are asked when it comes to purchasing Seedlings.  Is it too late to grow ____ now? How long will it take to grow ____ and what can I grow in _____ now?

We’ve added filters to our store so you can now filter by crop size, time to harvest, cold or heat tolerant or whether pollination is required.

In Stock

In stock is simple.  Check the box to see everything that is in stock and ready to ship on the next shipping day.  Remember.  We ship Mondays and Wednesdays only and orders need to be received before 5pm Eastern the previous day (ie order before 5pm Sunday to ship Monday.)

Crop Size

Crop size is important when planning your indoor or outdoor Tower Garden.  I know I don’t want large plants like tomatoes and squash growing across the house, so I would filter to small and medium crops if shopping for and indoor Tower.  We also don’t recommend more than 4 Large plants in an outdoor Tower either, so bear that in mind too.

Growing Season

Will it be in the 90s in the summer where you live?  If so, check the “Heat Tolerant <100°” box.  (Some of these crops may do well in temperatures over 100, we just haven’t tested them). Do you plan on growing in the cool spring or fall?  If so, check “Cold Tolerant” for crops that do well in temperatures under 40°.  Average/Normal is middle of the road. 🙂


Pollination needs to occur on fruiting crops.  Some have separate male and female flowers and others have both male and female parts in one flower.  Either way, pollination needs to occur in order to set fruit.  When grown outside, most plants will pollinate with the help of insects and a light breeze.  If you are growing indoors on in a screen you will need to be the pollinator when growing these crops.  View what plants need pollinating by checking “Required”.  If you don’t have time for that select “Not Required”

Time to Harvest

If you have a short window to grow, before the weather changes significantly or you head out of town, use this filter.  Times listed are when you will first begin to harvest under ideal growing conditions (adequate sunlight, water, nutrients, ideal temperatures etc).

For example, if you have 3 months to grow (roughly 12 weeks) I would suggest checking the boxes including everything up to 6-8 weeks.

Order your seedlings today!

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