Big Pine Key Market

Snowbird season is in full swing and the Big Pine Flea Market is back open, with new ownership!  I’m excited to announce that Living Towers will be at the Big Pine every Saturday, 8am – 2pm until the Market closes in May.

Every week we’ll have Living Lettuce, fresh cut kale, herbs, arugula and both red and green pac choi.

Living lettuce and fresh cut herbs and greens

We guarantee our produce will be the freshest you can find.  How do we know?  Because the pick the lettuce or cut the green and herbs from the Tower Garden while you wait.  Our lettuce is sold with the roots still attached as “Living Lettuce”.  This means the lettuce stays fresher, longer.

Our herbs and kale are cut while you wait and other greens and veggies are picked that morning from our farm on Ramrod Key, just a couple of miles up the road.

As we will be at the Market every Saturday, our farm will be open between 2:30pm and 4pm on Saturdays.  Weekday hours remain unchanged, open 9am – 4pm, closed Thursdays.


Be sure to check our Christmas and New Year opening hour changes before heading out.  We always update them on Google too!

Big Pine Key Market

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